Our Story

One day more than two years ago, we had a couple of phones, iPhones 5s to be precise. They were sleek, the in thing and very expensive at the time. They had just landed from the States courtesy of a friend, the only problem was, they were locked to a carrier. What would you do in such a situation? You have a couple of hot looking iPhones but they are simply just shells. Fancy shells.

It was a real struggle finding a legitimate or professional repair company we could use to have them fixed. In the meantime we had a couple of friends who either had a broken Samsung screen or could not find a good HTC repair center to sort out their ridiculously expensive gadgets.

Then a light bulb moment struck! Why can’t we be the guys solving such a problem for these people who despite the love they have for their iPhone or Samsung or HTC, they can’t find good doctors for them?

We started Tech Garage, to be a professional repair center. A place where we could tenderly care for your gadgets, treat them with love and have you leave with a smile on your face. We have since repaired thousands of phones, tablets and laptops. Like a good doctor, most of our customers have gone to be good ambassadors for Tech Garage. Unfortunately some devices never make it past the ICU, that’s a sad story though we always give our best.

As you visit us, we shall diagnose your device, find out all the problems it could be suffering from then go ahead and treat it sufficiently. Since we love to do much more than just repair, we also pickup your device from your home or office, repair then deliver it back with warranty on every repair.



“Only the mediocre are always at their best”.
Jean Giraudoux

Our Vision

“To be the Chuck Norris of repair.”

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