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Has Your IPhone Been Stolen? 5 Best Tips To Protect Your Device

Has Your IPhone Been Stolen? 5 Best Tips To Protect Your Device

iPhones are stolen every day in Kenya. It makes a lot of sense to protect it before/when you fall victim to notorious sticky fingers. You have to take certain safety measures that’ll protect your iPhone from being stolen. Here are 5 easy steps you should take to protect your iPhone from thieves (before and after).

Always encrypt your data

When your iPhone data is encrypted,  thieves cannot access your personal information. We recommend that you always encrypt your data if you’re not already doing so. Although encryption will not protect you from a street kid running in your direction with stool in their hands, it will certainly make your data useless for the end user/thief.

Enable the “Find My Phone” feature

All iPhones are GPS enabled. What this means is that; your phone can be traced anywhere in the world.  By enabling the Find my Phone function you will increase the chances of finding your iPhone if it is lost or stolen. Even if it has been stolen, you will easily get it back fast due to this feature. The “find my Phone” feature also comes in handy when you have to engage the Kenya Police to help find your lost iPhone faster.

Backup your images and videos

Images and videos are the most crucial data on your iPhone especially if it is personal. It is such a smart idea to keep an updated backup of the data you have on your phone. Use cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox to backup the data on your phone. Remember the option to encrypt data on your backups with step 2 verifications, fingerprint verification, etc.

Use Strong Passwords

Password protection is a must if you want to protect your iPhone from physical theft.  As a standard rule, try as much as possible to set up dual verification, popularly known as step-two verification to make your iPhone even harder to steal. While at it, always ensure that your passwords are as complex as possible. If you have a hard time remembering your password, free password managers can assist.

Wipeout unnecessary apps

Do you know that your iPhone can be stolen successfully due to vulnerability on apps you installed with your personal information? Always wipe out these apps or make it a habit of updating and removing less secure iPhone apps. This helps to prevent any malware problem that results from low-quality apps. Just try to curate your app list the best way you can to prevent any problems.

At the end of the day, iPhone encryption, keeping updated backups, activating your locator, and strong passwords are the perfect combination to protect your iPhones from thieves plying their trade in Nairobi, and elsewhere. Follow these instructions to have the peace of mind of knowing that your iPhone won’t be easy to not only steal but also access.

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