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How To Build A Professional Phone Repair Business

How To Build A Professional Phone Repair Business

The other day we got a special mention on the business daily newspaper. Business daily is a business and lifestyle paper, no socialite or comedy manenos, it was a privilege! Anyway, the main reason Tech Garage got in the spotlight is because as a company, we exist to solve a huge problem. A problem that every smartphone user is bound to face at one time or the other in their lifetime. Therefore out of the learnings gathered over the years, we believe we are a real asset. Both to our customers, partners and other small businesses.

Business in its infancy is a huge challenge. Yet, we have managed to come this far as a result of our loyal customers (yes the guys who break their phones all the time). We would, therefore, love to take this opportunity to be able to share. In sharing valuable lessons with other small businesses and wantrepreneurs (this word is yet to arrive in your dictionary), we can all grow. Watch out for more business-related articles in the coming days, right here on this blog :-).

Read the article below!

Duo builds a phone repair shop into a professional, thriving business…

Tech Garage is not your usual electronic gadgets repair shop. First, the outlet is nestled in the heart of Nairobi where most phone repair shops are found.


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