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Your Mobile Phone Is Being Tracked, Creepy IPhone Feature

Your Mobile Phone Is Being Tracked, Creepy IPhone Feature

Did you go somewhere recently with your mobile phone that you’d rather not have anyone find out about? Good luck with that, especially if you have an iPhone.

A recent viral video revealed that the smartphone has a secret menu that could get you into some trouble. The clip, uploaded by Facebook user Melody Puckett, shows where this info can be found and how to deactivate it.

As Puckett explains, go to Settings, Privacy and Location Services. Then go to System Services and find the Frequent Locations menu. There, you will see your home address and basically anywhere you’ve been recent, from shopping malls to other people’s homes.

Not only that, if you click on a location, it will also show when you got there and when you left. Crazy, right? If you are not able to find it, reach out to Tech Garage for quick help. quote-help

As part of our repair or support processes, we educate our customers on both basic and complex security measures they need to take to secure their data. The beauty of it all is that a majority of the modern smartphone user has access to a plethora of information to help them outmaneuver this complex security issue.

Good news, however;

Thankfully, the feature can be deactivated. First, clear the history under the Frequent Locations menu then turn off the Frequent Locations option. If not very sure, you can always talk to the experts at Tech Garage to help sort out your phone security issues.

Puckett was shocked at the discovery of the private information and insisted on sharing. “I made a quick video showing what it shows and how to turn it off. It’s frightening to think that someone with bad intentions could find your home and work and know what times you are usually there. Shame on Apple. Feel free to share with friends.”

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