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Top 5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Phone Battery Charged For Longer

Top 5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Phone Battery Charged For Longer

We’ve all been there: hovering around new friends at a club in the CBD, like we want to borrow some money; begging to use their phones and chargers because ours’ have just a few minutes left in them.

And when you eventually find a happy soul willing to part with electronic umbilical cord, the pretty lass you were eyeing is nowhere in sight. This is the challenge a lot of people encounter with their phones on a daily basis.

While it’s practically laws of physics at work,iPhone battery issues benefit Android phones!

It could be worse. You’d be stuck outside of your house with your beautiful, large Infinix phone.  It’s all so fuzzy— the life of your cell phone battery is directly proportional to your enjoyment of life.

Low battery problems

Your phone having a low battery is inevitable—it’s part of the circle of life. To help you get on top of things, these 5 tips will help you in the event that you haven’t carried your charger to work.

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Put off the vibration mode

We all love the little tingle that comes on outside our thigh when our phones vibrate. Truth is, leaving your phone in vibration mode does more harm than good to your phone. Unfortunately, very few people know this: your phone loses power each time it vibrates. Worse if you have both voice and vibration activated.  And what is with Whatsapp groups that are not muted?

Get a phone with better life

If you’re buying a new mobile phone, don’t forget to keep its battery as a priority on the list of features. Truth is that, not all batteries are created equal. In a number of phone models like the whole slew of Samsung Galaxies (the S7, and the S7 Edge), the Motorola Droid Turbo, battery life is never a problem but in others like the iPhones, horror stories abound. Choose wisely.

Get your head out of the clouds and hit up that airplane mode

This is big. And the sacrifice is pretty major. After all, what else for your cell phone if not for receiving and sending phone calls? (Don’t answer me. We’ve been to the loo today. I know.) Still, even though it takes a little bit of personal sacrifice and willpower, keeping your phone in airplane mode at times saves your power J In other words, put off your phone when you’re not using it and you’ll save your power for longer. Like when you find yourself on the wrong side of the GSU on Waiyaki Way on a Monday, come-on, it is perfectly OK, we’ve all been there.

GPS mode is a power hog on your phone

Like we mentioned before, people lived good lives way before GPS came around.  But just because you can’t remember where you live it, doesn’t mean you have to keep your GPS on all day. Shut that bad boy off when you get into the home or at the office because it is very good at draining that power.

Dull your phone screen

Another serious culprit for phone battery drain is not so obvious. You’re looking at it- your screen.  A brighter screen leeches power in a big way. Dimming the screen whenever you can is going to translate into some pretty major power savings. And we understand that you won’t quit playing Candy Crush- keep it fairly dim!

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